Who were the big four

who were the big four

The Big Four. The four most important leaders. They were Vittorio Orlando (Italy), Woodrow Wilson (US), David Lloyd George (Britain), and Clemenceau (France). The Big Four are also known as the Council of Four. It was composed of Woodrow Wilson of the United States, David Lloyd George of Britain. The big four of the allied powers were. The British Empire; The Republic of France; The Kingdom of Italy; The United States of America. Due to. Leaders of the Big Four nations meet for the first time in Paris Author History. According to French and British wishes, Germany was subjected to strict punitive measures under the terms of the Treaty of Versailles. It was president Wilson's peace plan, designed to prevent future wars, and self determination. The Big Four is also known as the Council of Four. Musket inlaid with coral and silver presented to Thomas Jefferson by Siddi Suliman Mella, Ambassador of the Bey of Tunis, after the end of the Tripolitan War in Whose assassination in Sarajevo set in motion the events that started WWI Arch Duke and heir to the Austria-Hungarian throne.

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This Day in HIstory: Territory between rival Trenches, neither side could use it. Industrialism is when countries became more modern, and their economies grew larger. Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License ; additional terms may apply. Already have an account? who were the big four

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